Welcome to MastRoth Christmas Trees.
We have the finest seletion of real Christmas Trees in Arizona.
Happy to anuce we are part of Valley View Christmas trees

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Arizona's Finest Christmas Trees Lots.

Check out why Arizona families love picking thier real Christmas Tree with us.

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Christmas Trees

Our Family has been helping Arizona families choice the best Christmas Trees for thirtyeight years. We have the best selection of Oregon Christmas Trees to choice from. You will love our Christmas trees.

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Christmas Wreathes

Deck the halls with the perfect Christmas wreath. Make the Christmas season sparkle with Mast Roth's Christmas wreaths. Enjoy festive details like bells, berries, and ornaments.

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Saint Nick Water System

The ultimate Christmas watering system! Keep your tree fresh the easy way.No longer need to check the Christmas Tree water daily.

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Arizona Finest Fireworks

Huge selection of fireworks at he best prices. We offer the best slection of BlackCat Fire works in Arizona!

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Best Fireworks!

New Years Fireworks works go on sale December 26.

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