Nordmann Fir
Christmas Tree

Unparalleled in beauty and durability, The Nordmann fir is lush and full with rich dark glossy soft foliage.The Nordmann Fir dark green needles are short and smooth , and covered in a waxy cuticle which prevents water loss. The branches are very strong, perfect for displaying heavy ornaments. The needles are longer and softer than those of other Christmas tree varieties.

The Nordmann is a very durable tree with excellent needle retention.Reommned for people with allergies when choosing a Christmas tree.

Nordmann Fir  Christmas Tree, Arizona


Nordmann Fir Tree


Nordmann Fir
Christmas Tree

DouglasFir Christmas tree Branch

Christmas Wreaths

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Saint Nicks Water System
Keep your tree fresh

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Saint Nick Water System simplifies the task of keeping your Christmas tree fresh and the dry tree needles off your carpet. The Saint Nick Water Systme eliminates the need to bend over to check and refill the Christmas tree stand. The Saint Nicks Watering Sytem is easy to install and ideal for all types of Christmas tree stands and makes a great gift and best of all it will help extend the life of you tree. Check out any of Christmas Tree lots for the Saint Nick's Water system.

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