Tempe Christmas Tree Lot

Tempe families have made our Christmas Tree lot a family tradition. The lot has tent full of fresh, thick and fragrant Oregon Christmas trees, from 3 feet to 14 feet! The aromas will get you right in the Christmas spirit! Tempe Christmas Tree lot attendants are ready to help you and your family find the perfect Christmas tree for you! Fireworks go on Sale December 26!!




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Tempe's Best
Christmas Tree Lot

1954 E Guadalupe Rd
Tempe, Az 85283.

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Christmas Trees

We take great care to find the best seleciton of real Christmas Trees. MastRoth tress are from Oregon finest Christmas tree farms. We carefully bring them straight to you! Our Christmas lots have a wide selection of sizes and types of Christmas trees to choice.

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Christmas Wreaths

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Our fresh Christmas Wreaths have arrived.Visit any of the MastRoth Christmas Tree lots to purchase one and brighten your family's Christmas holidays.Tempe best Christmas Tree Lot!

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Saint Nicks Water System

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Saint Nick Water System simplifies the task of keeping your Christmas tree fresh and the dry tree needles off your carpet. The Saint Nick Water Systme eliminates the need to bend over to check and refill the Christmas tree stand. The Saint Nicks Watering Sytem is easy to install and ideal for all types of Christmas tree stands and makes a great gift and best of all it will help extend the life of you tree. Check out any of Christmas Tree lots for the Saint Nick's Water system.

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Tempe's Fireworks Store

ww Fireworks

Fireworks go on sale December 26. We have the best selction of fireworks.Yes, We do sale Black Cat FireWorks and many other brands of Fireworks. Tempe best fireworks tents

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